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Who We Are – Decades of Painter Experience

pic2DP Palmer began more than 3 decades ago, specializing in the creative painting and renovation of unique homes in classic Greater Seattle neighborhoods. The owner and managing partner have more than 65 years’ hands-on painter experience in every facet of the evolving industry in Seattle. Each painter we employ is a highly skilled craftsmen who takes great pride in their craft. We treat each painter the same way they are trained to treat clients: with respect, with a rare honesty and scrupulous focus that maintains harmony in the everyday work environment.

We believe our painting company is only as good as our last project. We believe that constant client communication is 99% of any painter contract. We remind ourselves daily that we are in the painter service—not sales—industry.

Why? It’s just good painter business—when your company goal is sustained excellence backed by an unheard of 7 year unconditional guarantee against defects in painter work and materials, then sales take care of themselves. If you’re in need of a painter in the Seattle area, DP Palmer Painting and Restoration is your choice.

Goals – What to Expect From Our Expert Seattle Painting Team

Our goals are simple: to develop long term relationships with clients by delivering stunning finished Seattle painting projects on time, on budget, for a fair market price using the most skilled painter team available.

Our clients are retirees on fixed incomes, affluent homeowners in exclusive Seattle neighborhoods and corporate entities who demand professional results from their painter.

Painting in SeattleWe treat each client to the same scrupulous attention to detail and hands on professional management skills we look for when choosing painter products and vendors that reflect company values.

When management, our skilled painter team, and quality vendors all believe that action—not sales pitch or empty promise—speaks louder than words then even the most skeptical client develops faith in our painting and renovation process. Many of these customers become repeat clients who wouldn’t dream of using anyone but us for their needs.

DP Palmer Painting and Restoration won’t waste time telling you what you want to hear: Given the opportunity. We’ll show you that creative painting applications produce striking results that stand the test of time.

Each painter we employ gives it their all to make your painting project a reality. We don’t want vague “cookie cutter” recommendations for your Seattle painting project: we expect rave reviews.

And we get them. Check out our review section—each entry verified with names, numbers and (except as it may violate client privacy) Seattle addresses supplied to prospective clients on request.Painter Crew in Seattle

The Benefits of Working with the Best Seattle Painter Team – DP Palmer Painting and Restoration

Your Ideal Seattle Painter

Think of DP Palmer Painting and Restoration when you think of the ideal Seattle painting team. You deserve the best painter crew for your next project:

pic3DP Palmer Painting and Restoration is always striving to the ideals of the perfect Seattle painting team. If you’re in Seattle and you have a painting project you need completed, think of DP Palmer Painting and Restoration. From picking colors to getting a painter team out to your Seattle home and finishing the job, we can handle every step better than any painter you can put us against.